Fishing Report March 3, 2019

Fishing Report March 3, 2019

This week, Kentucky Lake has reached its highest level since 2011. As the whole Tennessee River Valley has received record amounts of rain. The Kentucky Lake portion of the River crested at 367 feet on March 3rd. There hasn’t been very many crappie fishermen out and about as the current from the river and high lake levels have the fish scattered.

I did fish a couple of days last week with good success in the backs of bays where the water wasn’t as muddy. The fish were in 10-15 feet of water suspended in 3-6 feet, down where shad were present. Popular colors were junebug/chartreuse, yellow/chartreuse, and red/chartreuse. We have a major cold front coming in this weekend which I think will push the fish back out to deeper water.

I have heard some reports from the bass fishing scene that were positive. Most reported that they were targeting shallow cover in the backs of bays, as the fish were following rising water levels. Some were having luck with spinnerbaits, but most popular seemed to be a jig with craw type trailer.

The fish this fall and winter have been really healthy as we have seen a increased population of shad. There have been countless 11-13 in fish caught which is a welcomed sign to most crappie fisherman.

Fishing should stabilize back to a pre-spawn patterns once the lake levels and temperatures return to normal. If the winter is any indication of how spring fishing will be, we are in for a real treat. Give me a call to get on the books. I can also assist with lodging and dining recommendations.

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